Trying to Find a Fiancé Via Marriage Agency – the Real Story.

Behind every single love story lays the experience. It doesn’t matter positive or not, anyway with that experience people can develop themselves, learn a lot and make a new trial in building a relationship. The thing is that by sharing a personal story, it is possible to help not only yourself but also other people by letting them learn on someone’s mistakes and it’s definitely a good thing.

Applying for a marriage agency isn’t an easy decision to be made in a moment. Women are weighing all pros and cons before the final decision and also searching for some feedback from the people who have already had any experience in the same field. This article will show the real story of young women, who tried to search for a fiancé via marriage agency.

The Story of Maria

Maria is a beautiful young lady in her early twenties with a great appearance, who usually gains lots of attention from men. Obviously, coming for the first meeting with the employees of marriage agency she expected that with her general look she will easily gain popularity among the male clients of the agency.

She chose the agency according to friends advice. This company comes to the capital few times per week to make the photoshoot with all possible female candidates to upload them on agency’s SNS and to pass this qualifying round Maria filled the questionnaire and sent the photo of herself.   


Maria got the invitation for a photoshoot by the evening of the next day and as she learned later, she wasn’t the only one. The agency invited a lot of beautiful girls who were possible candidates to get “rich and successful fiancé”, so our heroine had to be alert with them.

Preparations for the photoshoot were quite good and detailed. Professional MUAs and stylists did a great job by creating a unique hair dress, makeup, and outfit for every single girl in the studio. Maria liked the way she was looking after all preparations since she looked really sassy and gorgeous with it. She literally looked like a diva of early 2000’ and as she learned after, this look considered to be the most popular among the rich men.  She was also surprised that nobody asked her about her own preferences Anyway, Maria took part in a photo shoot and after her photos were published, started waiting for the man’s reply.

After a few weeks, few foreign successful business tried to contact the heroine of this story but no one could get her attention. There were men around the whole world but no one could impress her. She was waiting for an interesting and charismatic countryman, but unfortunately, there was no any.

Here is the story of Maria. It is not that positive and happy ending as everyone would like it to be, but still, it shows lots of info about trying to find a fiancé via marriage agency.

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